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Carolann Solebello: news

marching - March 1, 2015

hi friends!

well, it's coming in like a lion alright, at least here in brooklyn.  snow on snow on snow.  i am thankful, though, that the thermometer has allowed me to remove my gloves once in a while this week.  but not my hat.  that, i'm afraid, is staying on 'til april...

but not in FLORIDA!  yes, friends, i am happy to tell you that NO FUSS AND FEATHERS ROADSHOW, the giddy collaborative project i am pleased and proud to be part of, will be taking our first group jaunt to the sunshine state this month!  we'll be sharing music and merriment in st. augustine, ft. lauderdale, and cocoa on the 13th, 14th, and 15th of march.  if you're in the area, check the CALENDAR page for details and join us if you can!

if you don't have the pleasure of spending the winter in florida, fear not.  NO FUSS AND FEATHERS ROADSHOW will be back in new york city for a smashbang show at our favorite brooklyn venue, FIRST ACOUSTICS on march 28th.

and speaking of new york city, i'm absolutely thrilled that my pal HEATHER PIERSON will be touring through my hometown and joining me for a double-bill show at ROCKWOOD MUSIC HALL on friday, march 20th!  heather is the real deal, as adept at bluegrass guitar as she is at jazz piano.  it makes me happy just to be in a room with her and her musical generosity.  this is one not-to-be-missed show, so reserve your advance tickets HERE!

well, i'm done gushing for the moment.  hope you're all warm and happy wherever you are this march.  if i could, i'd send you each a bowl of the pasta e fagioli i just made.  it's really quite delicious...



february - February 2, 2015

it's snowing, there's ice covering the trees, and cars outside my window are slipping and sliding… it's february in new york, friends, and that can only mean one thing -- i don't want to drive anywhere!  

lucky for me all my shows this month are local.  one, in fact, is so local i don't even need to put on shoes… you guessed it, friends, i'll be doing my FIRST EVER Concert Window show this month!

on february 15th, which just happens to be my birthday, i'll be singing some songs (mostly new and unrecorded) from the comfort of a room in my cozy apartment.  now, mind you, i haven't decided WHICH room yet, so you'll have to tune in to Concert Window to find out…

if you're one of those people who's inclined to go out in the wintertime, then by all means, join me at one of the concerts listed on the CALENDAR page if you're in the neighborhood!  i wish you the cozy comforts of home this month, a nice cup of hot cocoa now and again, and until next we meet




january beginnings and endings - January 5, 2015

happy new year, friends! 

as one of my favorite poets, t.s. eliot, once wrote, "what we call the beginning is often the end. and to make an end is to make a beginning. the end is where we start from."  ain't that the truth?  

2015 started off with a bang for me, as i was thrilled to play bass for my husband MARK ALLEN BERUBE at the release party for his fantastic new record, STICKY, this past sunday.  so many friends turned out to make the event a success, and i managed not to blush too hard when he said nice things about me from the stage…

i've scheduled just two shows this month, the first of which marks a bittersweet end:  this friday, january 9, i'll be celebrating the end of a concert series i've been involved with since 2012, 2ND FRIDAYS AT 2 MOON.  it's been an absolute pleasure to curate this monthly gathering of songwriters and listeners with my friends WOOL&GRANT, but we're bringing it to a close with this one last smashbang hootenanny party.  then, on saturday, january 24, i'll be at DANBURY ARTS IN ACTION for a solo concert in support of their wonderful youth mentoring program.  

in other news, i'm happy to tell you that i'll be heading to the studio soon to begin a new collaborative CD with my NO FUSS AND FEATHERS ROADSHOW cohorts!  we've been traveling a great deal together lately, and lots of folks have asked us about a recording.  we're all jazzed up about this project, and have so much fun together that we just had to oblige!  also, we'll be touring to FL and TX in the spring, so watch for show dates!  

wishing every one of you a happy, healthy, and productive new year.  may you build foundations under the castles of your dreams...



november is now - November 4, 2014

it's election day in these united states, and i'm about to head out to do my civic duty.  let me amend that:  i'm about to exercise my privilege as a citizen of this country.  it's easy to forget that the right to vote is not available to everyone in the world, and was not even available to women and people of color in this country in the not-so-distant past.  today, i will bring my eight-year-old boy with me to the polls, and show him how i use the pen (not quite as satisfying as pulling the big, red lever of old, i'll admit) to let my voice be heard.  i shall proudly wear my "i voted" sticker all day long...

then, i'll start preparing for the shows i have this month:

heading upstate to SIX ON THE SQUARE in oxford NY with NO FUSS AND FEATHERS ROADSHOW this friday, november 7, then hightailing it to kerhonksen NY november 13-16 for networking and a formal showcase at the NERFA conference with my feathered friends. we are thrilled at the opportunity to perform before so many wonderful colleagues at this fantastic conference!

november 23, i'll be in ridgefield CT for a solo concert at ACOUSTIC CELEBRATION!  how can you NOT love a concert series with a name like that?

hope to see you out there on the road somewhere, and hope you're enjoying a november to remember...


october knows - October 15, 2014

How did it get to be October 15 already?  Better late than never, I suppose...

Busybusybusy with preparations for much traveling this Fall, both on my own and with my No Fuss and Feathers Roadshow buddies, plus helping to organize the annual Northeast Regional Folk Alliance (NERFA) Conference. So much to do, and the days just seem to fly by...

On a personal note, I just discovered yoga.  Crazy, huh?  I'd been hoping to try it for many years, but could  never seem to gather courage enough to attend the first class.  Thankfully, I have a good friend who is a certified teacher, and through her skill and patience, was able to get through my first experience in a safe and welcoming space.  Now I'm hooked and am looking for a regular place to study.  Hoping the practice will open my mind and body to better life and performance skills.  I'll keep you posted...

Meanwhile, may you enjoy the wonders of Autumn and experience life in its fullness always.  Until we meet again, I wish you good times, good music, and


a september to remember - September 3, 2014

it's september, and summer heat has finally hit new york city.  no kidding.  'twas ninety-plus degrees yesterday, and the kids go back to school tomorrow.  but that's nothing new, i suppose.  when i was a kid, it seemed it would always get super-hot right as school began.  or, worse yet, right after we'd closed the swimming pool...

these days, september means getting my third-grader off to school every morning and re-focusing my performing songwriter energies after a somewhat quiet and contemplative summer. 

i am so looking forward to performing solo shows in NYC, north carolina, and connecticut - plus a whole passel of concerts with no fuss and feathers roadshow - in the coming weeks and months.  it still amazes me that i have the privilege of writing and singing songs that people actually want to listen to.  so, to all you listeners out there, THANK YOU!

remember, the handy CALENDAR page has more details on all concerts.  and hey, you just never know when new ones will be added...

until we meet again, i wish you a sweet and luxurious summer's end filled with good songs, good food, and




august company - August 5, 2014

ah, the joys of festival season!  during the past few weeks, i was privileged to perform at two fantastic festivals -- solarfest in vermont and falcon ridge folk festival in upstate new york. 

solarfest afforded me the opportunity to share the stage with so many songwriters i respect that i was delighted simply to participate.  in a showcase featuring so many great songs, i was deeply honored to take the bronze behind gary moon's silver and connor garvey's gold.  august company, indeed!

at falcon ridge, i was thrilled to sing with my no fuss and feathers roadshow pals anywhere people wanted to listen -- on the midway, at campsites, and in the volunteer tent.  it is always a joy to spend time with cath, jay, and karyn, and more so at this, my "home" festival, which i've attended thirteen of the last fifteen years.  you know it's true love when i willingly spend three consecutive nights sleeping in a tent...

onward!  august brings shows in brooklyn, new jersey, and baltimore, and eager anticipation of a solo trip to north carolina and a whole passel of concerts with no fuss and feathers roadshow this fall.  check the CALENDAR page for more details on these and other shows!

thanks for sticking with me, friends.  excited to continue sharing new tunes in the coming months, and when that happens, can a new record be far behind?

wishing you a fun and festive august!  hope to see you down the road sometime soon...



Lazy Hazy Crazy - July 1, 2014

I must have been whipping up a batch of fresh pesto when glorious June somehow escaped and her sultry, sticky sister, July, slipped in through the back door.  But no matter... we're relaxing into summer here in Brooklyn - spending time in our beautiful community backyard (better known as Prospect Park), learning new songs, and preparing for some wonderful shows in the upcoming months!

Right here at home, the 2nd Fridays at 2 Moon series continues July 11 and August 15 (special third Friday show) with guest songwriters JEREMY MAGE and JOE IADANZA, respectively.  After more than two years hosting this wonderful salon, WOOL&GRANT and I are continually thrilled and warmed by the magic that happens each month.  Join us sometime soon for a totally acoustic listening experience!

Also excited to be performing as a finalist at the Solarfest Songwriter Showcase competition in Tinmouth, VT on Saturday, July 19!  So many friends are among the ten finalists -- MARC DOUGLAS BERARDO, JANE FALLON, CONNOR GARVEY, ROB LYTLE, KATHY MOSER, KARYN OLIVER, plus wonderful, new-to-me songwriters DEENA CHAPPELL, CARRIE FERGUSON, and DAVID FERM -- that it hardly seems a competition at all.  I'm just looking forward to spending time with these terrific people and hearing their great songs!

In other news, I'm delighted to report that No Fuss and Feathers Roadshow (the collaborative concert wherein I get to share the stage and some HOT rhythm and harmony with KARYN OLIVER and THE YAYAS) has just been awarded a Formal Showcase slot at the Northeast Regional Folk Alliance (NERFA) Conference in Kerhonksen, NY this November! We are so looking forward to sharing our new project with the folk community!

So, I suppose I'll take things a little slower while I can.  And I hope you will, too.  Wishing you a wonderfully sultry, salty, sweet, and sumptuous summer!



Junejunejune - June 10, 2014

Happy.  It's impossible to feel otherwise when you have the privilege of spending time at the magical Kerrville Folk Festival with close friends - and people you just met who treat you like a close friend.  I am still on a high from four days and three nights of excellent songs, fine company, great stories, beautiful Texas countryside, and the best audiences ever.  Playing Kerrville with No Fuss and Feathers Roadshow was surely one of the highlights of my career thus far.  I am deeply grateful, and missing the ranch already.

The good news is No Fuss and Feathers Roadshow is heading to Massachusetts in June, and planning a bunch more concerts for the late summer and fall, so good times and great music will continue into the foreseeable future!

Also just found out I'm a finalist at the Solarfest Songwriter Showcase competition, and am thrilled to be performing in such wonderful company at the festival on Saturday, July 19!

For now I'm happy to be holding down the fort with WOOL&GRANT every second Friday at Two Moon in Brooklyn as well as planning a few dates in NC and other points south in October.  As always, check the CALENDAR page for details and updates.  Until next we meet, I wish you good times, great music, and



mirth and merriment in may - May 1, 2014

IT'S MAY!!!  yes, friends.  there are CAPITAL LETTERS and i am YELLING.  why, you ask?  because i am very excited about being ON TOUR with my beloved chicks with dip (as i type this, i am sitting in a lovely vegan cafe called the lunch room in ann arbor)!
starting tonight, we'll be doing four consecutive performances of JONI MITCHELL'S BLUE:  A CELEBRATION in michigan and illinois.  if you're in the area, and you're a joni fan, won't you join us?  
and if you can't make these concerts, here's a little video taste of what we're doing:
i'll surely have more pithy things to say next month, but right now, it's all about JONI... next month, it's all about KERRVILLE!!!

carry on cheerfully,


april snow - April 1, 2014

well, nearly...

march roared out with great fury and fanfare here in the northeast, with a last blast of snow and ice on the last day of the month.  thankfully, april -- march's more daintily attired sibling -- has arrived in a comparatively gentle way.  as i type this, i can feel the sun on my left arm through the big, bright windows of my favorite neighborhood coffee shop.  mmmm...

all this is to say i feel a great sense of relief as winter comes to a close.  getting around is so much easier when there's no snow on the ground.  and get around, i will, during the next two months:  three shows in april with no fuss and feathers roadshow, plus a midwest tour in may with joni mitchell's blue

in other news, i'm happy to say the film i wrote a song for, a sort of homecoming, has wrapped shooting and is now in post-production!  written by my friend lynn reed, it's a sharp, emotionally-intuitive coming-of-age drama set in louisiana and new york city, steeped in the high-stakes world of speech and debate.  also proud to say the film is written, directed, produced, and photographed by women, which is a very rare thing in an industry still dominated by men.  i am honored to be even a small part of this project, and can't wait to see it!

hope to see you somewhere out on the road.  check the calendar page for the most up-to-date information.  until we meet again, i wish you safe travels, warm sunshine, and



march madness - March 1, 2014

...and no, i don't mean that tournament that consumes sports fans this time of year, including those who live in my house.  soon talk of brackets and teams and statistics will dominate dinner conversation, and i will listen patiently and smile at the big man and the little boy i love so much... it's a good thing i actually enjoy basketball!

i am not sure i will have the time to watch much of the tournament anyhow, as i will be busybusybusy with live shows near and far this month!  highlights include four concerts with NO FUSS AND FEATHERS ROADSHOW in PA, MD, NC, and NYC, a fantastic tribute to patty griffin at BRAD COLE's ACOUSTIC CIRCUS with a host of great nyc songwriters, plus a double bill in long island with supercool americana trio THE END OF AMERICA

i am continually thrilled and amazed at the opportunities that come my way, and that i am able to continue doing what i love for appreciative audiences.  join me at a show sometime, pick up a copy of my latest record, STEEL AND SALT, or just walk beside me quietly.  any way you choose to travel, i'm glad to have you with me on this journey.

wishing you great music, good food, kind friends, and



cozy february - January 30, 2014

hi friends!

despite the polar vortex, i'm feeling pretty darn cozy here in nyc. i've got tea, fuzzy sweaters, and lots of great shows coming up in the next few months to keep me warm!

heading to massachusetts this weekend to bring Joni Mitchell's Blue: A Celebration to Circle of Friends Coffeehouse, then dashing off to upstate new york to open two shows for my good buddies Beaucoup Blue february 7 and 8.

then there's a special valentine's day show right here in brooklyn with WOOL&GRANT and Karen Dahlstrom, and the big Folk Alliance International Conference to close out the month.

march brings a mini-tour with No Fuss and Feathers Roadshow, plus another hometown show at two moon in brooklyn...

so far, 2014 is anything but boring.  stay toasty, friends!  see you soon?  i sure hope so...



New Year News - December 30, 2013

Happy New Year, Friends!  Time is surely marching on, and each new year seems to arrive faster than the last!  2013 was a very good year for me, and I am grateful for the manifold blessings that came my way during the last 12 months...

  • First of all, I'm proud to have completed the inaugural season of RealWomenRealSongs, and am so looking forward to cheering on all the wonderful women participating in the new season of this amazing project!
  • Happy to have contributed a song to The Acoustic Guitar Project in the company of so many fellow workers-in-song here in New York City and all over the world.
  • So honored to have toured with dear friends in Joni Mitchell's Blue:  A 40th Anniversary Celebration for the second year in a row.  We've still got a few more shows on the calendar in Boston and Chicago, but I kind of wish we could do this forever.
  • Finally, I am so proud to have released another solo record in collaboration with Fred Gillen Jr.  Steel and Salt is exactly what I wanted it to be, and it could not have been so without Fred's guiding hand, musical chops, and boundless energy! 

2014 will bring lots of traveling for me, much of it with a new collaborative project - No Fuss and Feathers Roadshow - that I am very excited about.  I'm beginning to understand the old saw that the joy is in the journey, because so far, I am enjoying every step.  Thank you for walking beside me.  You're really good company...

May the new year bring many blessings to you and those you love.  I wish you good times, great music, and above all, 



december treats - December 1, 2013

is it really december already?  i think i might still be stuck somewhere in october… help!

nevertheless, time marches on, and i find myself embarking on a very musically busy season during months that are often quiet ones for me...

first of all, i have a handful of shows in december that i have been looking forward to for some time:  on friday, december 6, i have the pleasure of sharing a concert with the very cool TURNER ADAMS at GARDEN STAGE, one of my very favorite local venues; then, on saturday, december 14, i get to open for the amazing FREEDY JOHNSTON at the beautiful KENNETT FLASH; and finally, on december 15, i will be participating in the TRIBES HILL WINTER SOLSTICE CELEBRATION for the first time, surrounded by many musical friends and collaborators.

and as if that weren't enough, on january 3, we will be happily launching NO FUSS AND FEATHERS ROADSHOW:  An Evening with Carolann Solebello, Karyn Oliver and The YaYas at CT FOLK - the first of many concerts for this touring in-the-round collaborative in 2014.  finally, i just got word today that i have been selected as one of 12 finalists in the SOUTH FLORIDA FOLK FESTIVAL Singer/Songwriter Competition, and will be performing at the festival on saturday, january 18.  three lucky winners will also perform on the festival main stage on sunday, january 19.  cross your fingers for me!

as my little holiday gift to you, i've discounted all my recordings at CD BABY during the month of december.  you can even buy directly from the STORE page on my website...

i am thankful for the manifold blessings a life in music has given me, perhaps the greatest of which are the beautiful people i have met along the way.  so grateful to share this journey with you, and hoping we meet again sometime in the new year.  until then, i wish you great joy - both in the grand events of life, and its small blessings.  may you wake each day filled with wonder, hope, and 



remember in november - November 1, 2013

hi friends!


hope you're enjoying the pleasures of the season as much as i am.  autumn is my favorite time of year, and i find it especially beautiful here in new york city.  there's something about the juxtaposition of steel and glass and brick and mortar against mother nature's crisp, earthy palette that fills me with joy and sadness at the same time...


although the season has been gentle thus far this year, last fall announced itself with great fuss and fury.  the wind blew, the rain fell, the seas rose, and so many people in the city i love faced enormous loss.  before the waters receded, i wrote a song called "neptune," which eventually became the final track on steel and salt.  as the anniversary of that storm approached this week, i created this video in tribute to the many people from my hometown - staten island, new york - who perished last fall:


remembering can be rough, but remembering is good.  when i remember, i make stuff.  sometimes i think memory is what drives creativity.  i hope this fall finds you remembering and making stuff, too - pies, sweaters, paintings, songs, poems, cocktails, photographs, love… we are creative beings.  i wish you the joy of creativity this fall.


join me at a show sometime and tell me what you make when you remember...




october floats - October 1, 2013

hi friends!

the calendar says "october," and yet a stack of clean beach towels remains in our front hall, gently prodding us to take one last trip to coney island before the frost descends.  we've been blessed with clear, sunny skies lately, so it might not take much to convince me...

speaking of which, things are going swimmingly here in brooklyn, in a very literal sense.  our seven-year-old is learning to swim at a nearby high school pool, and i think i might be having just as much fun watching from the stands as he is being in the water.  what a wonderful thing it is to watch your child having an awesome time while learning an important life skill!  color me one proud mama.

in the musical part of my life, i am happy to report that Steel and Salt made its radio debut this month, and has already been spun on 70 stations in the USA, canada, australia, and new zealand.  that makes me feel wonderful, and so appreciative of all the radio hosts who keep independent music alive on the airwaves and on the web.  i've already done interviews on WIOX and WHUD, and am looking forward to features on WMSC and WTBQ in october.  i do so love interviews.  talking about music - my own and lots of other flavors - is one of my favorite pastimes, and it's a not-so-secret aspiration of mine to have my own radio show someday.  i've been practicing my radio-host voice for decades now, it seems.

as for live performances, new yorkers can join me this month for two CD release shows in manhattan and the bronx, the former with a full band, and the latter in duo format with my favorite producer and guitarist FRED GILLEN, JR.  this month also brings shows in NJ, CT, and philly.  check HERE to see the latest updates to my performance calendar.  

and if you can't make it out to a show, do check out the groovy new videos we've added to the VIDEO page.  new tunes and old, solo and band...

hope to see you down the road sometime soon!  until we meet again, i wish you good times, great music, and 



falling is easy - September 1, 2013

september... one project ends and another begins!

just last week, i completed one full year of weekly songwriting challenges as part of the RealWomenRealSongs project.  for 52 consecutive weeks, i wrote and posted video of new songs created around weekly prompts issued by our fearless leader, the fabulous CARY COOPER.  since i haven't had perfect attendance since third grade (or somewhere thereabouts), this project is a particular point of pride for me.  no, they're not all good songs.  not by a long shot.  some will probably never see the light of day again.  still, i kind of feel like a champ for just showing up, week after week, for a whole year.  perhaps it's true that that's what really counts...  teamwork, of course, counts, too.  i was not alone in this.  knowing there were 13 other women brave and loony enough to embark on the same project provided all the motivation i needed some weeks.  i salute all my sister songwriters for having the courage to write fearlessly and tenaciously and wholeheartedly for so long.  i adore each and every one of them.  so... for all you completists out there, HERE is the complete playlist of all 52 videos from yours truly.  

some of those tunes ended up on the new record, and some are actually being played on the radio as i type this, which is kind of unbelievable to me.  but it's true.  the radio campaign for STEEL AND SALT began just as the RealWomenRealSongs project was wrapping up, so soon i'll have some nifty chart stats to share with you all.  that always makes me feel like a rock star somehow...

performing for wonderful people makes me feel like a rock star, too, so you can be sure i'll be doing plenty of that in the coming months.  join me at a show sometime if you can.  i'll be so glad to see you, and i just might sing a new song.  i sure do have lots of them...



Steely and Salty - August 1, 2013


Steel_and_Salt_cover_resized.jpgHi Friends!  It's Christmas in August here in the big BK, as we welcome the new CD, Steel and Salt, into the fold!  I am so proud of the work Fred Gillen, Jr. and I did on this record, and very happy to say it's already available on CD Baby, Amazon, and iTunes.  Of course, it's also available right HERE.  Big thanks once again to everyone who pre-ordered.  Your support means more than you know...

Now that the record is out in the world, it's time to party!  We've scheduled a few CD release shows so far, and hope to get a few more on the calendar soon.  Check HERE for details on all upcoming shows.

Our radio campaign begins in September, so soon stations all over the USA, Canada, and even a few locations around the globe will have a copy of Steel and Salt for airplay.  We'll surely let you know when the record will start spinning on your favorite station!

Here's hoping the summer is treating you well, and that we'll meet again soon out there in the world.  Until then, I wish you smokin' hot music, cool lemonade, and 



sizzling! - July 1, 2013

it's ready!  Steel and Salt is ready!  and here's what it looks like:


you can hear a bit of what it sounds like by clicking the handy red mp3 player above.  the first four songs, "brooklyn in the rain," backward," "loaded," and "golden boy" appear on the new album.  i am so very proud of this new record, and can't wait for you all to hear the rest of it.

fred gillen, jr. and i kept production pretty close to the vest this time, playing and singing most parts ourselves, save for a couple of stellar guest appearances by pat wictor and jim keyes.  fred and i even sing a duet!  the sound is more electric than past records (though my acoustic guitar and voice still remain front and center) and reflects the energy of my beloved hometown, new york city.  

the stories and characters you'll find on this record spring from the asphalt and the bedrock, gritty and beautiful, and just like the denizens of this town, are unafraid to speak their minds to whomever will listen, confident their sturdy urban armor will shield their tender, compassionate hearts.

i love new york, i love this record, and i love you.  really.  especially those of you who've already reserved your advance copy of Steel and Salt, which will ship before the end of july.  

of course, Steel and Salt will also be available on cdbaby and itunes within a month or two... but why wait?  reserve your advance copy by filling out the form on the CONTACT page.  i promise to be in touch promptly with payment instructions, and to send a pretty little white package to your door just as soon as the shipment arrives.

join me on new part of my musical journey.  it's been great fun so far, and i love having you along for the ride.  wishing you a happy independence day, and sultry summer days filled with sweet corn, toasted marshmallows, watermelon and



steel and salt - June 1, 2013

it's finished!  in just a few short weeks, i'll have boxes and boxes and boxes of my new CD, steel and salt, in my apartment, just waiting to venture out into the wider world!

i am so very proud of this new record.  it's been a long time coming, it seems.  i am so grateful for the efforts, talent, skill, and patience of my incredible producer, fred gillen, jr.  i placed raw, unvarnished songs into his hands -- some finished only days before -- and he waved his magic wand (well, to be fair, some electric guitars, basses, and percussion-type thingies, as well) to create sounds i think are beautiful and true to what i imagined for these songs.  fred turned my abstract visions into sonic realities right before my very ears, taking our musical conversation to a whole new level.  i can't wait for you to hear the results!

steel and salt marks a change of direction for me.  first of all, all the instruments on the record -- save my guitar and pat wictor's lap slide -- are electric.  that's never happened before.  on previous records, we've used electric instruments as the spice in the soup, but on steel and salt, they pretty much are the soup.  there are some keyboards, played by the super-groovy jim keyes, and i even play electric guitar on one track -- more firsts! another change of direction lies in subject matter -- the songs on this record are centered in and around new york city, my birthplace and forever home.  the characters and stories you'll find on steel and salt spring from the asphalt and the bedrock below, and are gritty as the world they inhabit.  they speak their minds on a range of topics, but underneath the urban armor lie tender, caring human hearts.

if you'd like a copy of steel and salt before anyone else gets one, cruise on over to the contact page and fill out the order form.  i promise to respond promptly with payment instructions, and send out your CD the moment i receive them.  join me in joyful expectancy...

until then, i wish you sunny skies, healing waters, and 



the flowers of may - May 1, 2013

is it may already?  wow.  that was fast.

more progress on the record... so happy to tell you about guest appearances by both my longtime friend PAT WICTOR, who lends his prodigious slide guitar skills, both acoustic and electric, to one track, and a newfound musical buddy, JIM KEYES, who adds organ and other things with black and white keys to no fewer than two tracks!  i've never had any keys on an album before.  come to think of it, i've never had pat wictor on an album before, either.  this just might turn out to be a landmark record after all...

still writing songs for the realwomenrealsongs project, of course -- this is week 35 -- i am proud to say i haven't missed a week yet!  we're in the beginning stages of planning a compilation to be released upon completion of the project.  stay tuned for that. 

and as if i weren't writing enough, i recently became involved with yet another songwriting project (though this one required only one song).  it's called, plainly enough, the acoustic guitar project, and it involves a roving guitar, passed around to musicians for a week at a time, wherein we write and record a song -- one take, no overdubs --upload it to the project website, then pass the guitar along to another musician.  i'm the 30th player in the new york city area to get my hands on the guitar, and i must say i'm pretty happy with the the tune i contributed.  you can hear it by clicking here.  a little side note -- the songwriter who had the guitar just before me is someone very, very close to me, and i like his song very, very much...

finally, as far as live performances go, i've got several shows with the joni mitchell's blue project coming up in may, june, and july, plus a solo jaunt to chigago in june!  see the calendar page for details on those and other upcoming shows.

until next we meet, i wish you sweet-smelling may flowers and very little sneezing.

antiquated - April 1, 2013

how time flies when we are not paying attention!  or more accurately, how time flies when we are giving our attention to matters other than the passing of time...

so much to tell you... most of all, i'm happy to report that the new album is progressing wonderfully!  i'm hoping to announce the title and start pre-orders before too long.  producer fred gillen, jr. and i are playing things pretty close to the vest this time, tracking most parts ourselves - although there may be a special guest star or two - and letting the process unfold in as organic a manner as possible.  i'm happy to say we've decided on the 12 songs that will make up the album, which was no small task, considering there were 25 or 30 songs under consideration.  we've tried to choose not only the best songs, but songs that hang together thematically.  although some say the album is an antiquated format, and singles are where it's at, fred and i refuse to believe that.  our endeavor is to make the whole greater than the sum of its parts.  perhaps we are both relics from an earlier age, but that's how we roll...

also exciting is the fact that this record marks the first time i'll be playing electric guitar on a CD.  here's a little photographic evidence of me and "the gillenator," fred's custom guitar:


i cannot wait to present this new project to you!  stay tuned, and join me at a show if you can.  i've been letting a few new tunes out of the bag at each concert, so check the CALENDAR page to find out where i'll be.  until next we meet, i wish you good times, great music, and 



a perfect seven - March 1, 2013

March the first. The first of March. It’s a celebratory day in our household, since today is our little boy’s seventh birthday. Seven. I can hardly believe seven years have gone by since we welcomed him into the world on that beautifully cold, bright afternoon in a room with a view of my beloved Brooklyn Bridge. He was so very tiny, and so very beautiful to us. We told no one his name until he heard it first, whispered into his little ear by his father. He thinks that’s a pretty cool thing now that he’s old enough to understand. Of course, he’s not so tiny anymore, but he is still so very beautiful to us. Sometimes, it amazes me that the little bundle we met only seven years ago can sing, dance, tell jokes, add and subtract, climb a jungle gym, play Risk, chess, tag, and soccer, cultivate friendships and give butterfly kisses. He can also navigate the NYC subway system better than some adults, which is a particular point of pride… Seven. That number carries a great deal of symbolic weight in many cultures. In the Judeo-Christian tradition it is culmination, completion, perfection. I like that. To me, seven is perfect. Of course it is. I'm his mother... Was I supposed to write about music? Oh, yes. Right. Well, here goes: I’m making a super-groovy record with Fred Gillen, Jr. at Woody’s House, which will be ready sometime before the weather gets hot and sultry again; I’m writing songs weekly for RealWomenRealSongs and posting the results on our YouTube channel; I’m playing concerts, both alone and with my cohorts in the Joni Mitchell’s Blue: A 40th Anniversary Celebration project. Click the links for more info on the outside projects, or cruise on over to the CALENDAR page for more concert info. And I will celebrate the beauty of seven this month. It is perfect. Peace, Carolann

unfreezing february - February 1, 2013

hi friends ~

i'm delighted to report that i have begun recording sessions for a brand-new cd with my friend and longtime producer FRED GILLEN, JR.!  as many of you know, i've got tons of new songs in the hopper, thanks in part to the REALWOMENREALSONGS project i've been involved in for the past 22 weeks.  fred and i are both excited about this new bumper crop of songs and are letting production unfold in a very organic way.  this is the first time we've started recording without a definitive list of what will make the final cut.  we're confident the right songs will emerge as we dig further and further into the recording process and explore the best sonic possibilities for each.  so glad we've got lots of options to choose from!  we promise to present only what we feel are the very best on the new album.  hoping for release by springtime, so stay tuned!

of course, i'm still out there performing on my own and with the JONI MITCHELL'S BLUE project - check the CALENDAR page for details on upcoming shows.  hope to see you out there on the road sometime.  stay warm, my friends.



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