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Carolann Solebello: reviews

It's refreshing to hear about a singer-songwriter from Brooklyn who's actually from Brooklyn… Steel and Salt is nothing if not a love song to New York City. You'll have to forgive me if it twanged a few of my heartstrings. "Brooklyn In the Rain" is a true ode to Brooklyn -- it's not about chasing dreams, making it big, or hanging out on Bedford Avenue (ugh) until the sun comes up. This is an album about home. Whether you're from my home or not.  In "Movie Queen," Solebello sings that "We will never be celebrities." While that's probably not a bad thing, it would also be a shame to let this album fade into obscurity.

Steel and Salt features Carolann's exceptional vocals, with songs ranging from twangy odes "Brooklyn in the Rain" and "River" that put our favorite enclave in the light of small town America, to the beautifully dark and haunting "Backward" and "Put Down the Gun" and emotionally reflective "Falling Is Easy" "Movie Queen" and "Neptune." A mountain grows in Brooklyn and home is where your rocking chair is.
- Popa's Tunes (Oct 18, 2013)

There's nothing not to like about Steel And Salt – creative and engaging songwriting, beautiful production, and just plain great music.  Above all, the crowning jewel is Carolann's superb vocals – soulful, compelling, full of raw emotion, and simply beautiful – worth the price of the album just to hear what she does with that wonderful voice.  Don't miss this one!

Al Kniola - WVPE Elkhart IN (Aug 1, 2013)

On her fourth solo album, Steel and Salt, former Red Molly mainstay Carolann Solebello delivers eleven compelling vignettes that shimmer with life, love, loss and family. Carolann's expressive, crystal-clear voice, her subtle song nuances, plus tasteful production from Fred Gillen Jr., render this release an absolute triumph!

Barnes Newberry - (Aug 1, 2013)
Solebello's multi-instrumental chops, her gift for songwriting and versatile vocals run the gamut from country, bluegrass, gospel and contemporary folk... She is in total command of her art and exudes a confident, effortless approach throughout.
[Threshold] is an album that is best heard as a whole, in the order the songs appear on the disc. Taken this way, it is a powerful emotional document that I know I will want to come back to.
- Oliver di Place (Jun 11, 2011)
[Threshold] is an emotionally honest document and one hell of an album.
[Threshold] is excellent. Carolann has crisp, lush vocals and strong instrumentation. I give it an A rating.
Jim Fisher - WGCS Goshen IN
For six years Carolann Solebello anchored Red Molly's harmonies with her velvety alto. On her new CD, Threshold, she steps confidently into the role of solo performer with the clarity and conviction of her vocals, complemented by some of the New York area's best musicians and Fred Gillen's ever-tasteful production.
John Platt - WFUV Bronx NY
Threshold, Carolann Solebello’s departure from the wonderful Red Molly, is in no way a lesser effort. It seems she has found her own voice in a manner that is in turn both winsome and full of frolic. This is not say it is not a mature work...far from it. There is also a maturity in the writing that speaks to adult matters. In brief, we have here an artist who has found herself by going it alone,and thus has become complete; and completely one with her work. It is a joy to hear.
Michael Jaworek - The Birchmere, Alexandria VA
Through her latest CD Threshold, Carolann Solebello opens the door and invites us in to enjoy a powerful collection of songs that take an affirmative look at the changes and opportunities life throws our way. Her artistry as a songwriter and vocalist take center stage as she shares thought-provoking original songs as well as offering new interpretations of some traditional gems. Songs like "Tea Without Sympathy" and "Empty House" are just two of the standouts from this CD that quickly made its way into my heart.
Ron Olesko - WFDU Teaneck NJ
Carolann Solebello's aptly named new CD, Threshold, is a gem. She has entered a new phase of her career, stepping out of the shadow of Red Molly to display her own rich voice and considerable songwriting talents, skillfully mastering a wide variety of genres from contemporary to country while also putting her own spin on a few traditional ballads. Carolann has come into her own.
Jake Jacobson, Director - Circle of Friends Coffeehouse, Franklin MA
Carolann Solebello delivers a lovely new solo release that is beautifully sung and thoughtfully produced without a trace of cluttered arrangements or superfluous instrumentation. The ten original tunes on Threshold are marked by solid songwriting and a clarity of style that relies on pure devotion and heartfelt emotion. You don't have to be a radio programmer to appreciate these newfound originals. The beauty here is quite obvious for all to enjoy.
Gene Shay - WXPN Philadelphia PA
With Threshold, Carolann Solebello provides the perfect 12 pack for summer - sip your favorite beverage while listening to this equally satisfying and enjoyable album.
John Laurenti, Music Director - WUMB-FM, Boston MA
It is wonderful to hear Carolann's powerful, soaring alto featured on its own. The songs [on Glass of Desire] are personal but touch on universal themes of family, transition and fulfillment.
[Glass of Desire] is as smart as it is accessible – just like Solebello’s other project [Red Molly]. And it’s a clinic in how to write a good folk-pop song: other songwriters should get their hands on this to see how it’s done.
- (Mar 12, 2010)
...a voice that is strong and expressive. Musical theater has given her the ability to define the emotional underpinning in any song.
...a welcome blast of clean and crisp talent in a heavy fog of overly-intense folk martyrs from back east . Her songwriting and performance artistry bring to the forefront the knowingness that in life, it is not the experience that defines the story. It is the story that defines the experience.