march news

today is the first of march, and that means i am now the mother of a twelve-year-old.  which is absolutely blowing my mind.  the soulful-eyed little bundle who arrived on a frigid afternoon back in 2006 is now a dancing, singing, songwriting, video game-playing, book-loving sixth-grade math whiz who showers me with love and amazes me every single day.  all of you more experienced parents who told me -- back when he was a squiggling infant and i was a sleep-deprived, guitar-playing hot mess -- that time would fly and he'd be grown in the blink of an eye, well, you were right.  wow.  and thank you.  ;-)

and as if all that squishy mom joy weren't enough, i have even more good news today... i'm happy to report that the new album, SHIVER, previously available only at my website and at live shows, is now available at the one and only online source for indie music of all genres, CD BABY!  Here's the direct link, in case you'd like to do a little shopping:

but even if you already own a copy of SHIVER, i encourage you to surf on over to CD BABY anyway.  not only can you preview and order music from all sorts of wonderful indie musicians, you can also try your hand at music blogging and leave an album review on any page you choose!  i'd love it, of course, if SHIVER got a few reviews to decorate the page...

soon, SHIVER will be available at iTunes and other fine online purveyors of digital music.  i'll be sure to let you know when that happens!

and meanwhile, there are also live shows in march!  two really good ones, as a matter of fact:  on saturday, march 10, i'll be playing two full sets at EMMAUS ROAD CAFE in lancaster PA; and on thursday, march 22, i'll be swapping songs (and undoubtedly a few laughs) with powerhouse songwriters and dear friends ABBIE GARDNER and INA MAY WOOL at THE BEAN RUNNER in peekskill NY!  

i begin this month with deepest appreciation for my little family, for dear friends near and far, and for music lovers like you who have supported my songwriting endeavors lo, these many years.  thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the joy you bring to my life!  

may the winds of march soon become gentle springtime breezes, and may you be enfolded in love, good music, and 



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