happy happy joy joy joy

friends, it gives me tremendous joy to tell you that the new record, SHIVER, is finished.  completed.  in the can and out the door.  waaaahoooo!!!

download codes have been sent to all the fabulous folks who pre-ordered, and physical…

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christmas presence

ladies and gentlemen, the band -- CRAIG AKIN (upright bass), JAGODA (drums, percussion), ERIC LEE (mandolin, fiddle), PAUL SILVERMAN (accordion), JOE IADANZA (acoustic guitar), and CATHERINE MILES (harmony vocals) -- has left the building.  thankyouverymuch...

four tracking sessions and…

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november liftoff

...in T minus four!  Days, that is...

On Monday, November 6, I will tune my guitar, put on my favorite studio headphones, and play my Martin-picking heart out when engineer Mark Dann hits the RECORD button and Jagoda, king…

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'tis time! 'tis time!

 'tis time... to FINALLY hit the studio!

I am BEYOND thrilled to announce that Producer Joe and I have taken the next step toward making [ALBUM TITLE] a reality.  We have booked recording sessions for our dream team of…

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September Songs

It's September, and I have news.  Not BAD news.  Not BREAKING news.  And certainly not FAKE news.  The news I have to share is unequivocally GOOD, deeply SIGNIFICANT, and undeniably REAL, especially to me.  

I am so very happy…

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Baying at the Moon 

Hi Friends!    

Patience.  Patience is where it's at for me this August.  

I am a notoriously impatient human, so the whole album-making process can be very challenging for me on that front.  Though I've been down this road…

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July July July

Hello, friends, and happy July!   

I'm taking a break from performing this month so I can travel a bit with my family and continue preparations for recording what will surely be the BEST album of my career thus far…

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A New Album Begins

Hello, Friends!  

I am beyond thrilled to announce that [ALBUM TITLE] is currently in production and will be ready for release [DATE BETWEEN TODAY AND JANUARY 1, 2018]! I am also thrilled to announce that my excellent friend, fleet-fingered guitarist…

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may flies

may the fourth be with you, friends!  yes, i'm geeky that way.  but hey, you knew that already, right?

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the sweet delights of springtime

i can feel it, friends.  she's coming nearer every day.  the crocuses and daffodils have raised their timid heads in the garden outside my building, and there have been a handful of warm days i've opened my windows to hear…Read more

marching onward

hello, friends! 

i've been attending the monday night songwriters' exchange gatherings as faithfully as i can lately, whether or not i have a song to share.  listening to the work of kindred spirits is always deeply inspiring, but in truth…Read more

Breathe, Reflect, Prepare

Hello, Friends! 

The first month of 2017 was by turns exciting, exhausting, and exhilarating for me.  So many incredible experiences were packed into just a few short weeks, so I'm taking a moment to breathe, reflect, and prepare for…

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