The Great Unknown

Hello, Friends!

In the blink of an eye, Spring has turned to Summer, and in that same oh-so-brief interval, my focus has turned from music to theatre – for the the present moment, at least.

Now, I know the reason you signed up for this mailing list is musical, but it's no secret that my creatively formative years were spent mostly as an actor. Recently, I've returned to that pursuit – mostly doing background work for TV and the occasional short film – but have not actively sought theatre work because of the long-term commitment it usually requires. 

But sometimes the universe taps you on the shoulder and things just fall into place. Case in point – I was on my way out the door to play a show at Godfrey Daniels a few weeks ago and received a message from a playwright who had found my profile on an online casting database. In search of a last-minute actor for his new play (beginning rehearsals the very next day), he asked if I could submit a quick video of a dramatic monologue right away for consideration. Since I knew I was about to spend the next eighteen hours driving, performing, and sleeping, I was ready to write this fellow back and politely decline his kind invitation. 

But as I sat in traffic outside the Holland Tunnel, it occurred to me that the phone mounted on my dashboard as a GPS was also a camera, and it was pointed directly at me. So, I summoned one of the Lady Macbeth speeches buried in my subconscious, pressed the record button, and recited – while behind the wheel. Don't worry – I was going so slowly it was practically reverse…

Anyway, when I arrived at Godfrey Daniels, I sent that oddly unconventional audition video to the playwright with a short note, played my show, and drove back home.

The next day, I was hired, and have been rehearsing ever since with a wonderful group of actors that includes the aforementioned young playwright, Josh Brady. The play, called TRAUMA, BONDING, will premiere at the New York Theater Festival next week, with performances June 11th, 12th, and 15th. If you're a theatre lover and happen to be in NYC, I would love for you to see this play. I knew it was the right thing to do when the first reading of the script made me cry. It's a family story of trauma, love, truth, and redemption, and I feel genuinely privileged to breathe life into Josh's words and help bring his beautifully flawed characters from the page to the stage. 

And even better, a song of mine is being used in the show! I'd written a tune called “The Great Unknown” for an independent film about ten years ago, but only the instrumental version made the final cut. When TRAUMA, BONDING needed a little music, I rewrote the lyrics to suit the play, and the song was reborn. The single will officially release on June 11th, the play's opening night, but you can download it RIGHT NOW at Bandcamp for only a dollar. Last time I checked, you can't even get a cup of coffee for a buck anymore…

Anyway, that's the scoop. I've got a new album brewing, and am cooking up some tour dates for Fall 2024 and beyond. Hope to see you soon – maybe for a performance of TRAUMA, BONDING at the Hudson Guild Theater or out on the road somewhere. Wishing you a wonderful Summer filled with whatever sort of adventure suits your fancy. Follow me on the socials to stay in touch… 



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