Did you know that in addition to concert work, Carolann also does recording sessions, songwriting workshops, and private songwriting/performance coaching sessions? Read more...


Carolann is an experienced studio singer, and -- in addition to recording harmony parts for her own groups (CC Railroad, Red Molly, and No Fuss and Feathers) and solo projects -- has recorded harmony vocals for many other artists. Sometimes, she even creates full-on, three-part background vocal arrangements. Here's a partial list of Carolann's harmony-singing studio credits:

Ina May Wool, Rewrite the Ending (2021)
​​​​​​​Sharon Goldman, Every Trip Around the Sun (2019) 
​Bev Grant, It's Personal (2017) + background vocal arrangements
Elisa Peimer, Inside the Glass (2016)
Mark Allen Berube, Sticky (2014) + background vocal arrangements 
Scott Wolfson and Other Heroes, Life on Fire (2014)
Fred Gillen, Jr., Silence of the Night (2012) 
Marc Douglas Berardo, Downhauler (2010) 
Beaucoup Blue, Free to Fall (2009) 
Robbie Schaefer, Strange and Lovely World (2008)
Pat Wictor, Sunset Waltz (2008)
Anthony da Costa, Quality Time (2007)  

For a complete list of Carolann's recording credits, click HERE.

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Since 2011, Carolann has been a regular at the Jack Hardy Songwriters Exchange in New York City, a fluid group of dedicated writers that has been meeting weekly since the 1970s. Jack Hardy was a prolific songwriter and insightful mentor who believed that in order to excel at the craft, a songwriter must remain constantly at work writing songs. This deceptively simple concept, as outlined in his 1997 Songwriting Manifesto, is tested over and over again at the Songwriters Exchange, keeping writers accountable to a weekly deadline and to each other.

Creating in Community: The Jack Hardy Songwriters Exchange Method is a practical workshop modeled after the Exchange gatherings and grounded in Jack Hardy's process-driven approach to songwriting. In this workshop, limited to ten writers per two-hour session, Carolann introduces the traditions and philosophy of the Songwriters Exchange, then facilitates the sharing of new songs and feedback, offering guidance and nudging writers toward a path of deeper listening and more constructive criticism. Participants leave the workshop with a copy of Jack's Manifesto and hopefully, a more profound sense of purpose, a stronger connection to the larger community of writers, and maybe even a desire to create a Songwriters Exchange-style group in their own community.

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In addition to her twenty years onstage behind a microphone and a guitar, bass, or mandolin -- both as supporting player and frontwoman -- Carolann has a decade of theatrical experience and three years as a high-school English teacher under her folksinging belt buckle.

Stage performance, songwriting, song arrangement, vocal technique, and nifty guitar/bass tricks are among the topics she addresses in personalized, one-hour coaching sessions, either in person (in and around New York City) or online via Skype or other service. 

To inquire about scheduling a personalized coaching session, either in person or online, please use the handy form available on the CONTACT page. 

Photo by River J. Dougherty.