marching onward

hello, friends! 

i've been attending the monday night songwriters' exchange gatherings as faithfully as i can lately, whether or not i have a song to share.  listening to the work of kindred spirits is always deeply inspiring, but in truth, organizing my ideas into songs has been harder than usual these past few months.  not much worth keeping has emerged from my pen, but this song, a response to a scene i witnessed at an airport in texas, just might have some staying power.  you can view my homemade video HERE.  i hope you'll excuse the rawness of this recording, and as always, please feel free to let me know what you think.

and speaking of songwriting, i've recently begun the process of recording home demos of songs under consideration for a new solo album!  that's kind of pre-production for pre-production in terms of recording, but it's something.  i'm hoping once i begin to dive deeply into this "new" group of songs, ideas for arrangements will emerge, and i can bring them to a real studio with a real producer to shape them into a cohesive whole that bears repeated listening.  yeah, i'm old-fashioned that way... i promise to keep you posted as the process moves forward, and announce plans for pre-ordering just as soon as i can!  

and shows!  yes, shows!  here's a healthy handful of opportunities to catch me in action during the next few weeks:

thursday, march 2:  NO FUSS AND FEATHERS at BALDWIN'S STATION in sykesville MD
thursday, march 9:  solo at LUTHIER'S CO-OP in easthampton MA
friday, march 10:  solo at MAD RIVER COFFEE ROASTERS in campton NH
friday, march 31:  solo at CHERRY BRIDGE HOUSE CONCERTS in bridgewater MA
saturday, april 1:  in-the-round at GEORGE WIRTH'S WORDS & MUSIC in keyport NJ
sunday, april 2:  solo at SILVANA in new york NY

if you're in the neighborhood, i'd sure love to see you.  if you're not, well, then i'd love it if you'd tell a friend to come visit me...  click HERE for even more upcoming show listings...

deepest thanks for your continued support on this journey.  you are my village.  i wish you only good news, good music, and 




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