Fall 2019 Tour Continues!

Fall is and always has been my favorite season -- crisp air, good coffee, warm conversation, sweaters, scarves, boots, and of course, elections... don't forget to register and VOTE, friends! Make your voice heard! Here's a handy registration/information link:  https://vote.gov

...and speaking of absolute whirlwinds, the September portion of my Fall 2019 Tour left me absolutely breathless!  October promises even more adventure, bringing concerts with musical kindred near and far:  co-bill dates with ROBINSON TREACHER, KARYN OLIVER, and JOE IADANZA, plus an in-the-round show with MEGHAN CARY and TOM CARDULLO!

Here are direct ticket links for ALL October shows:

10/13 at 8PM CS and ROBINSON TREACHER in Teaneck NJ
10/19 at 7PM CS and KARYN OLIVER in Asheville NC
10/20 at 2PM CS and KARYN OLIVER in Floyd VA
10/20 at 7:30PM CS and KARYN OLIVER in Greensboro NC
10/21 at 2PM CS and KARYN OLIVER in Winston-Salem NC
10/24 at 7:30PM CS, MEGHAN CARY and TOM CARDULLO in Piermont NY
10/25 at 8:30PM CS and JOE IADANZA in New York NY
10/26 at 8PM CS and JOE IADANZA in Newtown Square PA
10/27 at 8PM CS and JOE IADANZA in Seaford NY

Join me at one (or more) of these shows if you can... I'm always glad to see you!

Before I sign off, though, I'd love to share one of my favorite September moments with you... a few weeks ago, I was privileged to visit with Traditions host Ron Olesko at WFDU-FM in Teaneck, NJ, and lucky enough to have my friend and producer Joe Iadanza along for the ride! Joe and I performed a few songs live and talked in-depth with Ron about the making of SHIVER. Through the magic of the web, you can listen in on our conversation and live performance here:


And with that, I leave you to the pumpkin-spicing of everything. Wishing you a cozy month. In your body, mind, and spirit, may you know 




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